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Improved Performance Two Chamber Septic Tank Main Benefits


Main short term benefit:

Less frequent filter cleaning

Cleaning the filter is necessary but let’s face it...not the most thrilling job.  A two chamber tank helps prolong the time between filter cleaning meaning less total filter cleanings over the life of your system.


Main long term benefit:

The significant added protection of the leech field

In most cases the leech field is the most expensive part of your septic system.  Help protect this investment with a second chamber of filtration.


How does a septic tank work?

A septic tank separates the sewage from your home into grey water, scum layer and sludge layer. This grey water then is sent to your leech field either by gravity or by means of a pump.  The scum layer floats and the sludge layer sinks leaving the grey “clean” water suspended in the middle.  By clean we mean a minimal amount of solids.  This clean water is directed out of the septic tank via an outlet baffle that pulls the water from the center of the tank.  In this outlet baffle is your tanks filter.

Why upgrade to a two chamber septic tank?

The more important question is why not?

A two chamber tank has a simple yet very effective way of prolonging the life of your leech field.  There is a center wall in the tank.  This wall provides a second step in filtering the

sewage.  In most cases the leech field is the most expensive part of your system.  The cost to upgrade your tank to a two chamber is very minimal in many cases less than $200.00 this upgrade will drastically improve the life of your investment. 

Another great reason to upgrade to a two chamber tank is filter maintenance.  In every outlet baffle there is a filter.  This filter needs to be cleaned twice a year (this time varies on lifestyle).  While this maintenance is necessary let’s face it…not a very fun job.  The two chamber tank provides cleaner water passing through the filter therefore less frequent cleaning is necessary. 

I personally recommend every homeowner take advantage of this upgraded tank provided by North Webster Septic Tank division of Howard Precast LLC.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Simply call 574 834 2322